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Root Canal Therapy
Tacoma, WA

Our family dentistry practice has seen our share of uncomfortable patients. We have worked with patients who, because of the condition of their teeth, suffer through every meal. They avoid any food that is too hot and skirt food that is too cold, not because they are not enjoyable, but because their teeth ache whenever hot or cold food comes in contact with them. They cannot enjoy sweets either, as candies and desserts send painful chills throughout their mouth. Their gums are constantly swollen and apt to bleed. Finally, no matter what they decide to dine on, chewing becomes so painful they cannot enjoy or stomach their food. That is enough to put a bad taste in anyone's mouth. In fact, some patients complain of a constant unpleasant taste in their mouth. So what could be causing these daily distractions? It could be the patient is struggling with tooth decay, but our dentists are prepared to ease these symptoms with root canal therapy.

Tooth Decay

When a tooth begins to decay it must be attended to immediately. If not, the decay spreads even deeper, eventually attacking the pulp of the tooth. This is the center of the tooth where all the living connective tissue is stored. Once decay attacks the dental pulp or the odontoblasts, the tooth begins to die and the patient suffers. Unfortunately, the pulp is incapable of healing from infection on its own. That is where our family dental care practice comes in; Our Dentists will use root canal therapy to reach into the infected tooth and help it heal.

Diagram of a tooth crossection showing inflamed pulp, infected pulp and tooth decay.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is the result of acid forming bacteria that works away at a tooth. While the bacteria chows down on the sugars, it expels acid which goes after your teeth for at least twenty minutes after you eat. If the acid is not attended to, it has free reign to eat away at your enamel and eventually the tooth itself. You may be at risk for tooth decay if you do not brush your teeth, floss or visit the dentist for checkups and routine cleanings. Patients who eat foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates are essentially feeding the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Others simply do not get enough fluoride. Fluoride goes a long way in building your teeth's resistance to the acids in plaque. Drinking more water can help boost your fluoride intake as it is added to most public water supplies. It is important to consume as much water as possible because you need to be well hydrated in order to produce saliva. Saliva clears away leftover food and harmful sugars from your teeth. If you have a chronically dry mouth, this could be contributing to tooth decay. Patients with diabetes are at higher risk for tooth decay as well as those who smoke, chew tobacco or are exposed to secondhand smoke.

The Root Canal Therapy Procedure

When we work with patients in need of root canal therapy, we do everything in our ability to make them comfortable. We clean out the infected pulp from the tooth while simultaneously disinfecting the canals. Empty spaces are filled with a rubber substance we use to ensure that there is no further infection. If necessary, we will add a crown to the tooth so the patient can have a whole, strong and attractive tooth again.

Diagram of a healthy tooth crossection.

If you would like more information about the root canal procedure or think you might need one to help excessive decay in your mouth, give us a call today at 253-777-0252; our staff is happy to set you up with an appointment!

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