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Fixed Bridges
Tacoma, WA

Getting a Bridge is a Popular Form of Tooth Replacement

Couple with complete smiles because of dental bridges.A dental bridge is a fixed (non-removable) appliance and is an excellent way to replace missing teeth.

When some people lose one or more teeth, they may elect to get a bridge instead of going the more expensive route of individual implants or the more traditional route of getting dentures. A bridge is a viable solution that is both affordable and permanent.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is one option of replacing missing teeth that is both more affordable—and not as invasive—as obtaining dental implants. If you decide that you want to have a bridge installed we will take a look at your teeth and at the gap in your smile where the bridge will eventually go.

We will measure the space between the teeth adjacent to the gap and will help you to decide exactly what type of bridge you need. There are a variety of bridges available, with different types being suitable for different situations.

Why would you need a bridge?

There are a number of reasons that you might consider a bridge. When you have lost multiple teeth there can be multiple consequences. Of course the most obvious consequence is that when you smile there will be a gap in your teeth. However, this is not the only reason to consider a bridge.

Many people do not know that when they are missing several teeth, it can affect their facial structure; as a result, even when they are not smiling, the appearance of their face will be distorted. Having a bridge put in will prevent the change in facial structure that can result from the loss of several teeth.

Further, when you have lost several teeth, the remaining teeth can begin to move around in your mouth. Having a bridge put in will keep the remaining teeth in place and preserve your ability to chew and even speak correctly.

Finally, many people who have lost teeth have opted to have a removable partial denture created for them. Although while a partial denture is useful in maintaining the chewing and speaking ability, many people find that it is still not quite the same thing as having their own teeth. To that end, they elect to have a bridge installed because a bridge will mimic the feel and function of their own teeth.

What is the procedure for getting a bridge?

When you decide that you want a bridge we will measure the gap in your teeth and send the measurements to a specialized laboratory where your bridge will be created. We will install crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap; once the bridge has been created, we will then affix it to these “anchor teeth” so that it looks, feels, and functions exactly like your natural teeth.

A bridge is designed to last for several years. Proper dental care during this time will extend the life of the bridge. If you think you may need a bridge, call us at (253) 777-0252 to schedule an appointment with us today to explore your options.

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