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Complete Dentures
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Full Dentures soaking in water Permanent tooth loss is no longer a hindrance to a healthy and happy life. Cosmetic dentistry is an “art” that goes beyond improving your appearance, all the way to making it possible to have a solid, customized fit with these replacement teeth.

Thanks to the leading-edge technology behind creating dentures, a patient can enjoy increased self-confidence and overall good oral health and appearance.

Dentures come in two forms: Partial dentures and full dentures. These options are not interchangeable. Rather, it depends on the patient’s specific situation and need.

Full Dentures

Full or complete dentures are the replacement option when none of a patient’s natural teeth are healthy enough to be of any benefit.

As discomforting as it might seem to have to lose all your natural teeth, the overall advantages are to provide a patient with the prosthetic to eat properly and have self-esteem during social settings, as well as confidence while at work. Having a healthy and professional-looking image is vital to personal as well as career-oriented success.

Also, by removing any unhealthy teeth, you’re removing any potential problems that could lead to poor oral health or a dental or medical emergency.

A full set of dentures consists of two removable prosthetic rows of teeth – the top and bottom.

Each row is designed with a pink, gum-colored base or platform. The teeth molded on top of that base are white and uniform.

A full set of dentures is custom fit to match with your natural gum line, the size of your mouth and jaw, as well as your face. For instance, a petite woman would have a different size of denture set than a large man.

This custom fit is created for maximum esthetic as well as functionality.

The only reason for a full set of dentures is the necessity to replace all of a patient’s natural teeth.

While getting a full set of dentures is a serious undertaking, the benefits are significant. Because dentures can last up to 30 years they are a long-lasting solution to permanent tooth loss.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures or “partials” are an affordable option for patients that have still have many healthy, natural teeth.

Partials are also customized for the individual and provide the same natural-looking appearance as full dentures: Gum-colored base, white, healthy-looking molded teeth, and appropriate tooth size to blend in with the patient’s permanent teeth.

When a patient still has healthy, natural teeth, the partial denture strengthens the entire mouth. A patient can eat healthy foods and enjoy the same self-confidence, thanks to having this dental treatment.

Caring For Your Dentures

To make sure your set of dentures or partial will last a long time depends on how well you care for them.

Keep in mind that your dentures are not natural teeth, so care and cleaning will be different. Here are a few suggestions:
•  Choose a denture cleaner recommended by the ADA
•  Brush the dentures each day to remove plaque
•  Avoid brushes with hard bristles
•  Always rinse your dentures thoroughly
•  And since dentures can lose their shape if allowed to dry out, always keep the set or partial moist. Choose an ADA-approved soaking solution or ask a dentist for recommendations.

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