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Dental Crowns
Tacoma, WA

Dental crowns help maintain the structure of a tooth
There are many reasons a person would need a dental crown: To improve his or her appearance or to restore a tooth (or teeth) in need of repair. Two common reasons to repair a tooth include poor oral hygiene or playing sports without proper mouth protection.

A crown can repair a broken tooth and give misshapen teeth a more uniform look.

The crown is fit and prepared so it covers the entire tooth surface. This covering – or cap – seals the tooth surface to either restore it to its original shape or improve the shape. The crown protects the tooth structure because a damaged tooth is more vulnerable to just everyday use: Biting, chewing, and vigorous brushing. The encasement then strengthens not just the tooth structure, but also the patient’s whole mouth.

Crowns are a more preferred option than fillings for a longer-lasting treatment.

Types of Crowns

Because of so many advancements in dental technology and treatment a patient has many choices for the type of crown they will get. Working in conjunction with your dental professional, you’ll be given options depending on your particular situation.
Here are a few different types of crowns:

All Porcelain

Porcelain crowns are the most aesthetically pleasing, but also the least durable. Since most people want a winning smile, porcelain crowns are most often used for front teeth. However, because of the high risk of damage, this isn’t usually an option for student athletes or people in very physically-oriented work environments, such as vet techs or mechanics.

Baby your porcelain crowns so they last a long time.


When people think of metals being used for dental treatments, the most common reference is braces. Well, because of the strength is metal to realign crooked teeth; metals are also a great choice to strengthen a weak or broken tooth.
Using metals to repair teeth ensures a high degree of durability. Not only can you feel confident in your everyday life (eating, playing sports, etc.) you’re less likely to have to replace a metal-based crown.

This type of crown does not have a natural-looking veneer, however. So it’s most often recommended for a patient’s back teeth.

Porcelain Fused To Metal

This type of crown combines the aesthetic of porcelain and the strength of metal. This option can match the color of your natural teeth, though there’s the risk of the porcelain coating to chip off. Because of this, porcelain fused crowns are not recommended for front teeth.
What Does Getting a Crown Involve?

Whether you choose a porcelain, metal, or porcelain-fused crown, this is a two-step procedure and a temporary crown precedes each permanent crown.
The temporary crown protects the tooth while the dental lab creates the custom-fit permanent crown.

Your first appointment will involve taking care of the damaged tooth and checking your bite and jaw alignment. The temporary crown is then placed securely enough so you can eat properly and live your life with ease.

During the second appointment, the temporary crown is removed and the tooth area cleaned in preparation of the permanent fixture.
Once the permanent crown is set, your bite and alignment are rechecked.

While this method of taking care of a damaged tooth is more involved than other options, the result is longer-lasting and much healthier for your mouth and overall oral health.

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