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How Panoramic X-rays Can Give You Better Oral Health

Posted on 4/10/2017 by Zac Bird
A dentist showing a dental x-ray to his patient.
Panoramic X-rays are a little bit different than the x-rays you typically get at your six month appointment. When you go in, usually you deal with the bitewing x-rays, which take small and specific pictures.

These images show where teeth might be decaying between teeth, where it is most common.

Panoramic serve a different purpose, and work a little bit differently. Panoramic are not the standard you would get if you got a checkup, but are used at the doctor's discretion.

What Do They Do?
Panoramic x-rays take a far more general picture than the bitewings could ever attain. They can show the doctor diagnosing your mouth your teeth and jaw in nearly their entirety. These images are slightly less detailed, and very unspecific.

Multiple x-rays may be taken, including the panoramic in order to give your dentist a more detailed picture, or a view of the same area from differing vantage points.

These specific x-rays are often used with children and adolescents. Using a panoramic with a child can tell a dentist about future development within the teeth, their structure, and the jaw. With an adolescent, this is the best way to get information about their wisdom teeth before the real fun begins when they erupt.

Whatever the reason you are getting one, panoramic x-rays tell a dentist a lot, which makes diagnosing and treating ailments within your mouth much easier and with much less risk of being incorrect.

Old or young, you are likely to receive one of these fascinating x-rays at some point. They are nothing to be worried about and will help your oral health be better than ever as they repair everything that could go wrong. The insight provided by these fantastic machines can save us a whole lot of trouble!

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your oral health.

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