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Ridiculous Toothache Cures We're Glad No Longer Exist

Posted on 5/23/2016 by Zac Bird
A woman suffering from a severe tooth ache.Toothaches of today are usually treated with medicine and a filling, and in many cases, a simple trip to the dentist can make a world of difference. However, this hasn't always been the trend.

Hundreds of years ago, there were a lot of ridiculous toothache remedies circulating that were thought to provide relief, and we're glad they no longer exist.

Milk from a Donkey
In Ancient Greece, people actually believed that using milk from a donkey would make a good mouthwash in order to strengthen both the teeth and the gums. This led to the belief that the milk could also help to take care of a toothache.

Honey and Tooth Worms
During the Middle Ages, people believed that if they had a tooth worn if they felt pain in their tooth, and they thought that the worm had bored into its tooth and was thrashing around. To get it out, they would cover their teeth with honey to lure it, and they would wait all night with tweezers in hand to pluck it out when it emerged.

Trimming Your Finger Nails
Here's one that doesn't involve eating something weird, but it is strange nonetheless. During ancient times, some people believed that if you had a toothache and trimmed your nails on a Friday, that toothache would go away for the following week.

Surprisingly, frogs had a lot of uses when it came to oral health. First, people believed that if you spit in a frog's mouth, you'd get relief from your toothache. Secondly, people would put these amphibians on the side of their head near the ailing tooth in order to find relief.

Hard-Boiled Eggs
Not even babies were immune to the strange toothache cures. It was thought that if a baby was teething that you should put a hard-boiled egg in their bedroom. This would help to relieve some of the tooth and gum pain.

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